Ana Halabe is a writer, screenwriter and graduated as a film director. She worked in the professional audiovisual industry as Assistant Director and Screenwriter of several feature films, as well as in magazines and digital media. The saga GAEL’S WORLDS is her first work of fiction. It was written originally in Spanish and English, and it is composed of the novels EARTH, HYBRID EARTH, LARA and EARTH LEADER.

“Before learning to read, I was able to stare at books illustrations for hours, eager to discover new worlds. Soon after, letters broke through with all the power of their stories, and my world changed forever. Since that day, whatever I do, I always have a moment to explore new universes, either in literal or audiovisual format; anything goes when it aims to go beyond what we know. And then, I let myself be carried away by the Moment, where the world does not know any limits, suffering or borders, only to unfold before my eyes, endless; wonderful.”